terms and conditions

Please be aware that these are 50’s and 60’s cars so the legroom in the back is not huge but its still practical.

Upon receiving a clients booking Dale's Driving Services will send an email confirming the booking, 10% deposit is required within 7 days of booking and the full amount due 6 weeks before the wedding date.

The hired vehicle will arrive on the day of the wedding at the appointed time and will do what is required of its booking as discussed with the client for the day. If any extra is required on the day this will be discussed with the owner of Dale's Driving Services and the client and a suitable payment will be agreed to be paid on the day.


Weather and road closures

Dale's Driving Services is not held responsible for any road closures or car access problems at any of the wedding venues or holds ups on route due to circumstances beyond our control.

If ice or snow stops our car from coming to your wedding and another car can't be found then a full refund will be given, we recommend you take out wedding insurance.


Your driver will carry a mobile phone with him at all time in the event of  any  breakdown or emergency that happens, our car is serviced regularly to hopefully ensure this doesn't happen.

However for peace of mind you may want to nominate a reliable friend or guest at the wedding to be on standby just in case of any unforeseen problems, this hasn't happened to date but if it ever occurs it will be less stressful if this is done.


We always allow time for the car to be included in any pictures after the wedding of roughly 2 hours.


We operate a no smoking policy in our car which will be strictly adhered to and will not carry passengers who are drunk and are considered a risk to the safety of the operation of the car.   

payment and cancellation

- Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer

- A deposit of 10 % of the total hire cost is due within 7 days of booking

- The balance for the hire is due 6 weeks before the wedding date

- Dale's Driving Services hold no responsibility  for passengers personal property or luggage

- Any refunds are limited to money paid and the hirer reserves the right to cancel by written letter only and Dale's Driving Services will confirm back in writing

- Cancellation of 6 months or over prior to the wedding the hirer will have no charge except losing the deposit

- Cancellation of  under 6 months and  the hirer will be charged 20% of the total hire cost plus losing the deposit