A very busy 3 days here at Dale's Driving Services, first on the 12/4/19 I had to take the 1960 Hillman Minx series 3b convertible for a wedding on the Isle of Wight. 

Arrived at Southampton an hour early thinking i'll have a sleep but whoosh straight on the 08:00 boat with 2 minutes to spare, a smooth crossing was had and very much improved boats from years ago on the coaches. 

Arrived at the hotel and had a sleep well half a sleep while things mulled over in my head of what I had to do, car all ready and long drive to the pick up all of 0.9 miles. 



Groom and best man (grooms father) picked up and back to the hotel an enjoyable short journey listening to the best man how he a Minx back in the day at 13 years old and ragging it round his local estate. 

Wedding over and pictures with the car and Brides father then told me his father had exactly the same car, white convertible so he's going to look at some old photos and look at the reg.  


Zoomed to the ferry 4 miles away hoping to hop on the 15:30 "oh no sir your booked on the 17:30 not a chance come back at 15:45 and we'll put you on standby". 

Two can play at that game rang reservations moved my booking to 16:30 turned up and got on, 

1-0 to me.  

Saturday 13/4/19 brings my 1960 Hillman Minx series 3a out for a wedding in Wandsworth, a 11:00 leave expecting traffic but no straight up so into burger King and lunch, sat there in a three piece suit looking very out of place.  


Got to the Brides house everyone looking lovely slight panic of Brides father running late so off to Wandsworth Town Hall with the bride and dad still putting his tie on in the back of the Hillman.  

Arrived at the very elegant Wandsworth Town Hall and a wait for our lovely couple to come out. A 20 min drive to the Bluebird restaurant on the Kings Road in London and the Hillman looked right at home as she would of done in 1960. 

The bride and groom were amazed at the cars that went past that toothed their horns and waved, this lovely little Hillman always brings out smiles in people.  


Sunday 14/4/19 and a visit of half a mile to the wonderful carter's steam fair in Prospect Park in Reading to see if I could get some pictures of the Minx before I took her back to the garage. 

Carter's social media guy Matt welcomed me with open arms and the old girl will be on their website soon and it was so nice to se the old Scamells and fodens working away. 



Thanks for taking the time to read and here's to more adventures to come.  

Thanks Dale  

Wedding season comes early

So the start of our season was going to be the 13th April but an unexpected late booking and the first for the 1960 Hillman Minx Series 3b Convertible has come in for the 12th April on the Isle Of Wight, so we shall be going abroad…….well you know just over the water to the island.

The 1961 Vw 23 window samba deluxe camper goes from strength to strength with even a booking for next year on the date that any wedding provider is looking forward to 20/06/2020 the only 20th of any month in 2020 that is on a Saturday. This not being a vehicle i own but it is owned by Paul Henshall of B&H Motor Services in Reading, he services all our cars and i cant wait to get behind the wheel of this beautiful vw.

Our classic caravan was recently in the NEC Restoration show on the Retro caravan club stand and went down a storm next to a barn find model of the same vintage.

The 1952 and 1960 Hillmans are safely tucked up in the garage and will be out soon tearing up the highways….at a modest 40mph.